Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free or almost -- Web services

I recently decided to try and move all of my web services, E-mail, webserver, etc... to virtual services instead of keeping a physical server up and running.

So far so good:
Coming soon :
  • Picture hosting
  • Projects -- Get PHPBackPage back out there.
E-mail : I applied for the beta of Gmail for Domains and was lucky enough to be chosen, the setup was very easy and gmail's interface just rocks!!
Cost = FREE

Web : I forwarded my domain to my Google pages website. Simple but it works..
Cost = FREE

Blog : I started this so I could use Picasa to post pictures, but I will probably use it for posting other stuff also. Obiviously so, I am posting this.
Cost = FREE

DNS : GoDaddy offers free DNS service with their domain registration. Interface isn't great, but it works.
Cost = 16.95 for 2 years.

Picture hosting : Just haven't spent the time to pick the one I want. I am not sure I want to post a bunch of personal pictures on the free sites. I might just have to pay for that.

Projects : Probably look into Sourceforge or something like that.

Enough for now.

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